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Frank Clavel started his career in the security field. He worked as a security guard and municipal public security officer for five years. He was part of an infantry regiment for the Canadian Armed Forces for five years. He is now in his 20th year of experience in the field of law enforcement. Frank has developed many competencies directly linked to navigation and security during his career. Here are some examples.


  1. He is passionate of the nautical field since his youth since he grew up on a water front. He has had access to many types of boats. To this day, Frank has been navigating for over 30 years.
  2. He has acquired competencies on cartography, the use of a GPS and weapons handling in his five years of infantry experience in the military.
  3. Frank has taken many nautical courses with the Quebec Maritime Institute, the Canadian Lifesaving Society and the Canadian Power Squadron.
  4. From 1999 to 2003, Frank worked in law enforcement, search and rescue and first responder in the nautical field. He has developed a vast array of knowledge in marine law enforcement along with training in search and rescue and first responder. He also acquired training in the use of the nautical GPS. Frank also trained members of his team on power boat handling and search and rescue.
  5. After the implementation of the new law obliging boaters to obtain the new pleasure craft operator card, Frank became an instructor and an affiliate member accredited by the Canadian Lifesaving Society and Quebec Maritime Institute. Frank has since trained over 6000 people.
  6. Finally in 2000, Frank created his own company "Canadian Nautical Consultants and Training Centre". Since then with the success of his course, Frank added several other courses such as Power boat handling, the use of a GPS and Maritime radio course (VHF).
  7. Since 2008, the Canadian Nautical Consultants and Training Centre has specialized by offering specialized training to municipal public security agencies and fire departments and also to marinas. We have consulted marinas on their development and training needs. We developed a nautical training program for municipal fire departments. We have trained several municipal public security agencies who had their patrolmen sworn in as special constables by the Quebec Public Security Ministry to enforce maritime laws on the waters covered by their municipalities.
  8. In his work, Frank was a shooting instructor for two years. He is currently a driving instructor and this for over 7 years and an instructor in the use of force for over 5 years. With all the specialized training he has developed in the nautical field, Frank decided to create the Canadian Security Consultants and Training Centre in 2008. He is now a consultant for municipalities in the development of public security services and nautical patrols in the enforcement of maritime laws. He also offers all the necessary training associated with these services.
  9. In November 2008, Frank was certified as an instructor for the expandable baton by Monadnock Police Training Council Inc. The Monadnock Police Training Council Inc. has now been taken over by The Safariland Training Group.