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We have a program with several courses offered to properly train and guide patrol officers to accomplish their duties with the best tools possible in order to offer an outstanding service to its citizens.


These patrol officers are sworn in as special constables by the Quebec Public Security Ministry.  They are peace officers in the execution of maritime laws on the waters covering their municipality.  There are enormous responsibilities associated to this function.  It is therefore fundamental to have a proper training to properly execute this role in the confines of the law.



  • Course to obtain the pleasure craft operator card (this card is now mandatory for everyone operating a powered pleasure craft).
  • Power boat handling, seamanship, docking and boat rescue handling techniques on the water.
  • Marine rescue for first responders.
  • First aid, CPR and cardiac defibrillator.
  • Maritime radio course (VHF).
  • GPS course.
  • Fire prevention.
  • Duties and powers of arrest for special constables.
  • The use of force.
  • How to testify in court.
  • Note taking and report writing.
  • Expandable baton.
  • Rapid search and handcuffing techniques.
  • Ethics.
  • Community problem solving techniques.
  • Proper attire, conduct and community relations.


Price: Prices vary depending on the courses selected and number of participants.  Contact us for more information.